Thursday, April 18, 2013

mad girl's love song


(Source unknown-it might be tumblr)

Hey there. I don't have much to post; this is basically a hodgepodge of different things that have been a part of my life lately/some inspiration. 

                                                                                           -Yours truly, Britney 

P.S. Sonic Youth is undoubtedly amazing, which is something that I only realized yesterday.


  1. oh my god oh my god oh my god. thats meeeee!!!!!

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    1. Hi! I'm SO sorry, after a while I got lazy and forgot to put the rest of the sources underneath the pictures, but yes, that's where I got it from. I'll credit it right now. Sorry again about that! -Britney

  3. Hi! I find your blog brillant and inspiring, and i have followed it! would you be so kind to follow me back?

  4. You're kind of fashion genius ;) I really like your blog it's look like avintage world :D


    I just stared my blog and it's about fashion and photography so if you went and if you've got time , go see it ! and sorry for fault , i'm french ><

  5. Sonic Youth <3 <3 !!! by the way, i nominated you for the versatile blogger award, so, um, yeah. you can see the post here: