Friday, August 24, 2012

hippie dippy

Today I wore the daisy covered, flower-child like dress that I mentioned before. It. Is. Heaven. The sleeves are so fun to shake around and stare at, and it's covered in DAISIES. 

I'm trying to think of something interesting to say...hmmmm....well, I always notice that so many other bloggers talk about thrifting and how cool it is, so I decided to try it out by going to a Salvation Army near Times Square. I'm not sure if this is just how all Salvation Army stores are, but the lights were really dim and it smelled like an old closet (which didn't really bother me that much) and THEN a homeless person fainted (or died? I couldn't tell) on the floor. The workers had to call the paramedics, which was when I chose to leave. There wasn't much there that really stood out to me, and I haven't actually tried any other thrift stores (I go to Beacon's Closet sometimes, but that's more of a vintage store run by hipsters who have chronic bitchface) so I'm not going to dismiss them right away. I guess I need to keep looking for good thrift stores in New York, but it's sort of tiresome. Afterwards, I went to Forever 21 and got a really cool shirt that I'm going to wear as a dress with either tights/stockings or knee high socks, and Madonnainthe1980s-esque earrings, seen below. 

Dress-Uniqlo  Bag-Henry Holt for Barneys New York  Flats-H&M 

Yours truly,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

hello i must be going

Today my outfit inspiration was "French child models". I usually see them on the covers of international magazines in Barnes & Noble, and they're just SO. COOL. I need to be their friends even though that might seem totally weird and creepy and erghblergh. 

Below are some pictures from earlier this week that I forgot to blog about. The theme for this was basically just how women dressed in the 1950s, especially the shirtwaist dresses that were a part of fashion back then, especially the ones that Lucille Ball wore. 

Also, there was an alert on Rookie to send in pictures expressing your support for Pussy Riot, and mine got accepted for an upcoming article! 


Shirt-Uniqlo  Capris-Uniqlo  Shoes-Prada   Bag-Henry Holt for Barneys New York  Scarf-H&M  Dress-vintage  Flats-H&M  Necklace-H&M Bag-Maison Martin Margiela (I think? I have to check.)

Yours truly,

summer's moving away soon

15 days left to Fashion's Night Out! (And school of course, but still. That is hardly exclamation point worthy news.) My mom is letting me go this year, so I'm obsessively planning out my schedule (they have a really rad thing where you can choose the events that you want to attend, organize them into a list, and keep the list so that you won't be all over the place when the time comes. I don't think anything blogworthy (I'm a human dictionary, obviously) happened today, but I found some really cool pictures, mostly while I was on tumblr updating Grrrl Angst (although the only one from tumblr that I decided to post here is the first one). Speaking of Grrrl Angst, if you want to submit anything, just email me

       Cross of St Peter Black Leggings
These last three stood out to me the most because they were cult-y to me. I discovered two really, really great blogs: Preppy Glam Cult Chick and Style Wandering. I actually rediscovered the last one because I subscribed and being the 13 year old procrastinator/person who forgets things that I am, I forgot about it. I was reading Style Walrus and saw Style Wandering mentioned, and then I clicked the link and ERMERGERD AMAZINGNESS. Seriously, Eva's blog is full of amazingosity and bad-assery and it is officially my favorite blog in the entire world. I cannot tell you how much I love it. Okay, I'm going to go now, mostly because it's 12:19 AM but also because this post is spiraling downwards into the  fangirling-zone. 

Photo credits:,,,, somewhere random on Google Images,

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've been feeling grunge-y for a while now and finally got the tools to fulfill my grunge nostalgia (oy vey, I've said the word "grunge" too many times today).

Sunglasses-H&M  Skirt-H&M Jean jacket-Macy's Sandals-Ann Demeulemeester Nirvana T-shirt-Macy's Bag-Maison Martin Margiela 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Grunge, Grunge, Grunge

Grunge, Grunge, Grunge

This is a Polyvore collage that I made while in a bored statement of mind and while obviously too obsessed with grunge.  (I'm always obsessed with grunge, but surprisingly, I've learned that there is a thing called being "too obsessed with it to the point that all you can do is think about grunge and say it way too many times", so I had no choice but to pour out my excess love for grunge (there I go again, saying it for the millionth time) into this collage. 

Yours truly,

glitter socks with a guest appearance of an imaginary courtney love backpack

I need a Courtney Love backpack. Really. There's a hole in my soul without one. (Get it? Hole in the soul? Hole? Okay.) I was walking today and this was how the thought of a Courtney Love backpack occurred:
school is close ew no way--> backpacks --> I'm just going to cover my backpack in stuff like badges and patches --> courtney love's face on my backpack --> courtney love's face ALL OVER my backpack--> courtney love backpack!-->ooh, food
These are the genius thoughts that run through my brain. Charming, aren't I? I tried searching on Google for "courtney love backpack" and "backpack with courtney love's face on it" but they failed to produce what I was looking for, which was a MAJOR LETDOWN. 

But guess what? I went shopping in Soho today and I went a couple of rad stores (Uniqlo, Forever 21, Zara, H&M). From Uniqlo I got a hippie-dippy dress with bell sleeves and a daisy print. From Forever 21, I found one of the best things ever. Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

GLITTERY SOCKS! -cue magical parade with floats made out of GLITTER SOCKS and other things of the magical sort- 

I was just walking to the escalator when I saw them on a small rack above some clothes. I've been searching for glittery socks for the longest time and eventually gave up on finding them any time soon, when I saw them today. But today I found them! Woohoo!  

This is just a bunch of stuff that I had that I felt were appropriate in the subject of something like glittery socks. 

Yours truly,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

cult of roses

Today I felt like dressing like a teenage cult leader from the '70s. I feel like this is going to continue throughout the school year, which is good, right? Right? It all stemmed from making a flower crown yesterday. I really haven't had luck with making flower crowns, so I tried a different approach to them.


Flower crown-DIY  Dress (worn as top)-from childhood Skirt-Maison Martin Margiela 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

flower carcass

I have brooch fever. I don't know why, but visions of brooches constantly dance in my head. Sword Wielding Skeletal Guardsmen Brooch Pin - Skeleton warrior
This is one that I just ordered from Drella Jones on Etsy.  

This sort of reminds me of Hole, but I don't know why. I should get this and wear it on Halloween-if it's during the week this year-because my school thinks we'll traumatize children if we come to school in costumes. Because apparently any costume that we plan to wear is creepy. I'm going into eighth grade so I have Senior Dress-Up day, which should be on Halloween but ISN'T.

The bride cameo pin
I usually don't like cameos that much, but this one has a skeleton bride on it.

I'd have to blame the fact that I'm making a brooch now for the fact that I'm so obsessed with them right now. It's based on Marlena's Rookie Mag article on  DIY girl power rosette brooches.  Mine is turning out pretty well so far, and if you turn it around, it's really rad because it looks like a flower carcass. 

Before I forget, I apologize for not scheduling any posts (actually, I think I scheduled the one about abstract dresses and ballet), but last week was really hectic. I was out late basically everyday, because I was having dinner with the SPARK team and was on The Katie Couric Show (!) with some other SPARK members and THEN we had the retreat. So I was pretty tired. And there were some really cool outfits that I wanted to share but I forgot to take pictures of them. Maybe another time. Ergh. 

This outfit is from last Tuesday. I wore it out to dinner with some of the other SPARK team members and I needed to document its existence through photographs. 

This one makes me look like a ghost. Which, of course, is what we all aspire to look like in pictures. 
I wore these because later on I was going to meet Anaheed Alani (!) as a part of the SPARK dinner and  so I sort of channeled my inner Rookie-ness with lacy socks and floral Doctor Martens.
This shirt is floral too, in case you can't tell (since it's in black and white).


At the SPARK dinner, I met Anaheed Alani of Rookie Magazine! She's ultra nice, and gave awesome advice. 

Some of the SPARK team! They're really awesome and I wish that people like them existed at my school.

Anyway, I have more important news! Today I finally-finally-launched my zine, Grrrl Angst. You can check it out here. I'm really excited about it and after I put up the first posts today, I had this mini-epiphany. For some reason, I felt even more passionate about blogging and writing for the zine and just everything that had to do with connecting with other people who are interested in feminism and fashion, even if it has to be online. This seems so weird, but after being with the SPARK team and starting the zine-it's made up of  submissions from different people, but I write for it, too-I realized how important it is to connect with other people who are interested in the same things as me, especially since no one who goes to school with me really understands me or likes what I like. 

It's really late now-almost midnight. If you're interested in submitting something to Grrrl Angst, just email me at franco.britney@gmail. And definitely check out the zine! So far I have three posts up: artwork with an introduction, an interview with Marlena Pope, and "You Fight Like A Girl" by Jessica Prominski. Good night! 

 Yours truly,

White shirt-H&M Gray shorts-H&M Rose necklace-H&M Floral top-H&M Black skirt-H&M Floral boots-Dr. Martens Socks-Unknown