Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Re: i am not a robot

I'm trying to avoid being a blogger that has to apologize for being horribly inconsistent, so I'm going to instead AVOID that step and focus on the bright side, which is that I only missed a day of blogging! Yay! Yay? Erlack. But to make up for it, I've included the "robots are scary"-ness that I promised you. Because what would this universe be without scary robots?

Okay, fine, it's not that scary. I bet some people even think it's cute. And it's actually not scary, it's just...creepy. Put it this way: how would you react if you woke up and this was in front of your face? Ooor if an entire army of this was outside of your window? I thought so. 
I Robot Elvis Presley
This would be better to see. Actually, would it be worse? You decide. I wouldn't mind having an Elvis Presley robot. Actually, the fact is still annoyingly creepy so I would mind.

Futuristic Fashion Editorials

Cyberpunk Risque Editorials

chainmaille scales fannie Schiavoni

Expect a fall vibes post (actually, several fall vibes posts) soon. "A fall vibes post in July?" you may be asking. Well, stores are are annoying that way. We're still in the summer and school supplies are still out. So now I'm thinking about school and the fall and fall vibes are shoving summer out of my head. So blame THOSE STORE FOR MY INFLICTION OF FALL VIBES OBSESSION. BLAME. THEM.  

I have so much word vomit (synonymous to glitter puke, but with less glitter and more words) but it's currently 12:42 A.M. (ignore the time on my posts, it's surprisingly wrong) and I'm pretty tired so I'll save it for another time. But it has to do with my new-found love of Ghost World since I finally got to watch it on Sunday. And since anything that has to do with Enid and Becky is bound to be amazing, expect amazingosity.  

   Yours truly,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

i am not a robot

So I just finished watching "I, Robot"-which is based on the book by Issac Asimov-for about the billionth time, and now the terms "space age", "robot-y", and "robots are scary" come to mind. I found a ton of editorials and things focusing on everything that I was thinking of (even the "robots are scary" part, but I decided to save that one for tomorrow so you wouldn't be overwhelmed by all the pictures).

On/Off A New Kind Of Love AW 2011

On/Off A New Kind Of Love AW 2011

On/Off A New Kind Of Love AW 2011

On/Off A New Kind Of Love AW 2011
(These first four pictures remind me of Marina Diamandis from Marina and the Diamonds)

Robot-Inspired Fashion

Robot-Inspired Fashion

Rachel Freire AW10 Collection

Space-Age Fashion Photography

Space-Age Fashion Photography

Space-Age Fashion Photography 8

Photo credits to Trend Hunter. The last 5 pictures came up in a Google search with the term "space age fashion".

Yours truly,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

my closet is a monster just lurking in the corner

The title of the post is true. One day my closet and my dresser are going to team up and just vomit clothes all over my when I'm sleeping. And I always say "Well, I don't need anymore clothes, I'll just be humble and appreciate what I have, blah blah blah, insert quote from a nagging old fart-you all know one-etc., etc." But then I go somewhere and I see something that I stand in front of, staring and drooling like some kind of post-apocalyptic zombie, and then I grab it and buy it. And then I get home and shove it in my closet or dresse and forget about it. Which would probably explain why my closet and dresser are both about to explode like one of those paper-mache volcanoes that we've all seen at school science fairs. This truly is unavoidable and cannot by stopped by things like spring cleaning or back-to-school cleaning because I only end up removing one or two shirts and maybe-if I'm lucky-a skirt or dress that I've grown out of. Yet here I am on the internet, "window shopping"-i.e. going on websites with clothes, which I guess would be "screen shopping?-and buying basically everything on Etsy. Etsy is probably in cahoots with my closet. It keeps tempting me with zines and jewelry and muumuus from the '60s. Peer pressure, Etsy, peer pressure!

Moving on-notice my smooth transition into a different topic other than my murderous bedroom-I am obsessed with Hel Looks. The people on there have the most amazing outfits ever! It's cool that they feature older people, too, because there are numerous cases where they have the best style. 

Does anyone else notice and love how sailor-y her cardigan is? The colors in this outfit are too great. I'm going to scour New York until I can find the right things to make an outfit based on this-but not exactly like it, more like based on the IDEA of it. (Or better yet, I can look through my closet, if it's willing to agree not to kill me when I open it.) 

Does she remind anyone else of Boy George? Especially in the "Karma Chameleon" video. And after seeing this picture, I officially need ruffled socks. I was doubting how much I needed them before but now I realize that they complete me and a whole bunch of other cheesy lines. But really, they go with everything! Even Converses! 
The skirt reminds me of the gray skirt/shorts thingamajig that I had in a previous post. But hers in longer and actually identifiable and the material just looks like something a cat would lovingly attack (because for some reason, cats have a habit of ferociously attacking things that they like). And there are combat boots peeking out from under there (what wonderful skills of observation I have!). So basically, I am sold on this outfit just as much as I am sold on ruffled socks. 

I think I like this outfit as much as I do because the girl in the picture-her name is Adele-said that she likes and is inspired by Twin Peaks. And the red dots on each side of her face are particularly great-I'm starting to run out of adjectives because I'm trying not to resort to words like "cool" and "awesome" because I just don't like to overuse them, especially in these posts-because 1. they aren't right in the middle of her cheeks so she doesn't look like she's in the circus and 2.they're small, which to me makes them more noticeable and helps them fit in with the outfit more. I can't remember if she said she was wearing a dress or skirt underneath the denim shirt and frankly, I'm too lazy to go surf the website looking for her picture/caption, but either way it's awesome and I think I might make a skirt in a similar print. Her shoes are '50s-ish and make me think that Audrey Horne would wear something like them. 

This outfit stood out to me because it's so 1950s! I think that the girl/woman in the picture didn't want to go for "full-on '50s flashback" so she tossed the saddle shoes and put on a pair of regular sneakers instead. Th skirt is amazing, but I'm biased because of the pleats. It could've been puke-green and I still would like it. The navy color mixed with the pleats are just perfect, though. 

This is really Ab Fab-ish! (I didn't even know about "Ab Fab" until I read a post about them on Ariel's blog (to read the post, click here). But they're too cool to not go on a full-on rant about them, so I'll just include a picture-actually, two pictures-so that you can see. 
I only realized today that these two are the ones in the Alexis Bittar ads! 

But back to the outfit! It's so "Ab Fab" + 1980s (because of the bright colors and her jacket). Her haircut goes hand-in-hand with the overall gist of the outfit. There are so many different colors at the same time yet she doesn't look like she accidentally walked into a game of paintball (actually, that would be quite cool). 

Their outfits are superb. I just had to add this because of 1.his hair 2.his pants 3. her bow & 4. her bag.
Also, his hair.

Her jacket reminds me so much of one that I saw from Comme des Garcons! In the defying-dimensions sort of way, and the pattern. Her boots are the apple of my eye. (if only my writing teacher could see me using cliches. That would = a lecture, most likely. So shhhhhh.)

Her HEADPIECE. I can't get over it. Could this be love at first sight? It's so magical. I mean, I'm obsessed with her entire outfit, but the HEADPIECE. It's truly amazing. Wow. I'm going to try to move off my obsession with her headpiece-which has now joined ruffle socks in my "stuff I'm obsessed with" club-and talk about the rest of her fabbity-fab-fab outfit. I love the shape and color of her coat; the collar is just great, and the color is crisp yet not too bright or too light. It's sort of that perfect in-between color. And her shoooes. I would've liked them either way, but then they had those yellow laces and just tied up the entire outfit.

She's just so 1960s. She, whose name is Miia, even described herself that way. She sort of reminds me of Twiggy. Maybe it's because I have the era stuck in my head now, but I guess it's just the haircut and the great style that stood out to me and made me think of her. The hardware bag is something that I've seen in different stores lately and thought about getting but I could never think of ways to make it look unforced in outfits. I just admire everything about this look. 

I wanted to post more but I already bombarded you guys with all of these pictures and if I didn't want to sit typing away at my computer for the next decade, I would post all of the pictures from Hel-Looks here with commentary. But alas, I do not want to be a hermit typing away crazily for the rest of my life. I would like to be able to utilize that decade to clean out my closet and dresser before they drown me with clothes.

                                                                       Yours truly,

Photo credits to Hel Looks and Ariel from Quite Couture. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

let me burden you with my 8th grader-y problems

Summer is sort of becoming uninspiring to me. Bleh. It's hot and icky-ish (this is what I get for begging for summer to come) and I constantly have to worry about going back to school (school, schmool). We have to prepare for *8TH GRADER-NESS* and tests to get into high schools and where we want to go and it's all just so weird. Not to long ago we were annoying little 6th graders and now we're annoying little 8th graders. When did that happen? (Over the course of the past 2-3 years, maybe?) I'm not getting nostalgic over 6th grade-I refuse to cry into my pillow eating melting chocolates and watching reality show reruns-and the fact that my classmates and I are all moving on to high school after this year, I'm just flabbergasted at how quickly the time has gone by. For example, it feels like I was JUST a new, quite lonely misfit (and not in the cool way) with about one or two friends. And now, I'm totally popular! Just kidding. I'm the same thing minus the new and  add a couple of friends. Although I'm not the most popular kid at school, it's not like I haven't learned any life lessons-besides don't let popular kids use your book as a fan. I found feminism, grew as a writer, joined SPARK, took my fashion interest to the next level by making collages and founding this blog, and so many other things. So basically, I liked middle school. I'm hoping to make this year more exciting than the others while still focusing on academic work, but that doesn't mean that it'll be any less enjoyable. So many things are happening, and it's time to sort it all out and make sense of it all. After all, like so many other teenage girls, I'm still figuring it out. 


Monday, July 23, 2012

mint doily collars are FUN (especially on wannabe mermaids)

Mint green doily collars.
How fun.
Aren't they?
How could they not be?
Are you insane?
You don't think they're fun?
Oh my.
Please seek help for your mint-green doily collar phobia.
I mean it, now.
If left untreated, it could lead to problems in life. 
So yeah. Okay then. Awkward. Just...appreciate mint-green doily collars. 

In my mermaid-cocoon (see picture below for the reason why I mentioned mermaids)

Beached mermaid. 

Cardigan-Forever 21 T-shirt-Uniqlo Headband-street fair Gold skirt-H&M Collar-H&M Black skirt-Maison Martin Margiela Gray shorts-H&M Black dress (used as shirt)-Macy's


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

possessed by lydia deetz and my good friend betelgeuse

Guten tag, mon amis et amies! (Proof that I am multilingual.) I finally got the right tripod and had the pleasure of finally watching Beetlejuice, which was very awesome indeed. It's a movie from 1988 starring Winona Ryder (which adds even more to it's awesome quality). A family that died is trying to get Winona's family out of their house (they just moved in) and end up turning to a sketchy "bio-exorcist" named Betelgeuse to help them. It's incredibly hilarious yet still maintains the "dark" part of the "dark comedy" title that it's earned. I decided to do an outfit post based on Lydia Deetz, Winona Ryder's character, but first, some paraphernalia from the movie: 

Best suit ever, non

This is a link to one of the best scenes in the movie; the "Banana Boat" scene, which should earn numerous awards for amazingness. 

(This picture was more or less inspired by an advertisement for Barney's New York that I saw and tucked away in the back of my brain, in the pouch holding pictures for future collages.)

The blurry pictures appeal to me because they remind me of the hoax photos of ghosts and old vintage photographs that fade away in attics. And the huge black headband reminds me of Lydia's headwear when she said one of the best lines in the movie: 


Dress(used as shirt)-Vintage H&M  Skirt-H&M Necklace-gift Headband(black)-H&M Headband(white)-street fair