Tuesday, July 24, 2012

let me burden you with my 8th grader-y problems

Summer is sort of becoming uninspiring to me. Bleh. It's hot and icky-ish (this is what I get for begging for summer to come) and I constantly have to worry about going back to school (school, schmool). We have to prepare for *8TH GRADER-NESS* and tests to get into high schools and where we want to go and it's all just so weird. Not to long ago we were annoying little 6th graders and now we're annoying little 8th graders. When did that happen? (Over the course of the past 2-3 years, maybe?) I'm not getting nostalgic over 6th grade-I refuse to cry into my pillow eating melting chocolates and watching reality show reruns-and the fact that my classmates and I are all moving on to high school after this year, I'm just flabbergasted at how quickly the time has gone by. For example, it feels like I was JUST a new, quite lonely misfit (and not in the cool way) with about one or two friends. And now, I'm totally popular! Just kidding. I'm the same thing minus the new and  add a couple of friends. Although I'm not the most popular kid at school, it's not like I haven't learned any life lessons-besides don't let popular kids use your book as a fan. I found feminism, grew as a writer, joined SPARK, took my fashion interest to the next level by making collages and founding this blog, and so many other things. So basically, I liked middle school. I'm hoping to make this year more exciting than the others while still focusing on academic work, but that doesn't mean that it'll be any less enjoyable. So many things are happening, and it's time to sort it all out and make sense of it all. After all, like so many other teenage girls, I'm still figuring it out. 


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