Monday, July 23, 2012

mint doily collars are FUN (especially on wannabe mermaids)

Mint green doily collars.
How fun.
Aren't they?
How could they not be?
Are you insane?
You don't think they're fun?
Oh my.
Please seek help for your mint-green doily collar phobia.
I mean it, now.
If left untreated, it could lead to problems in life. 
So yeah. Okay then. Awkward. Just...appreciate mint-green doily collars. 

In my mermaid-cocoon (see picture below for the reason why I mentioned mermaids)

Beached mermaid. 

Cardigan-Forever 21 T-shirt-Uniqlo Headband-street fair Gold skirt-H&M Collar-H&M Black skirt-Maison Martin Margiela Gray shorts-H&M Black dress (used as shirt)-Macy's


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