Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Re: i am not a robot

I'm trying to avoid being a blogger that has to apologize for being horribly inconsistent, so I'm going to instead AVOID that step and focus on the bright side, which is that I only missed a day of blogging! Yay! Yay? Erlack. But to make up for it, I've included the "robots are scary"-ness that I promised you. Because what would this universe be without scary robots?

Okay, fine, it's not that scary. I bet some people even think it's cute. And it's actually not scary, it's just...creepy. Put it this way: how would you react if you woke up and this was in front of your face? Ooor if an entire army of this was outside of your window? I thought so. 
I Robot Elvis Presley
This would be better to see. Actually, would it be worse? You decide. I wouldn't mind having an Elvis Presley robot. Actually, the fact is still annoyingly creepy so I would mind.

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Expect a fall vibes post (actually, several fall vibes posts) soon. "A fall vibes post in July?" you may be asking. Well, stores are are annoying that way. We're still in the summer and school supplies are still out. So now I'm thinking about school and the fall and fall vibes are shoving summer out of my head. So blame THOSE STORE FOR MY INFLICTION OF FALL VIBES OBSESSION. BLAME. THEM.  

I have so much word vomit (synonymous to glitter puke, but with less glitter and more words) but it's currently 12:42 A.M. (ignore the time on my posts, it's surprisingly wrong) and I'm pretty tired so I'll save it for another time. But it has to do with my new-found love of Ghost World since I finally got to watch it on Sunday. And since anything that has to do with Enid and Becky is bound to be amazing, expect amazingosity.  

   Yours truly,


  1. Ghost world sounds amazing. I am slightly embarassed I have never seen it because everyone always talks about how awesome it is:)

    Robots definitely freak me out, i think its creepy they don't go to the toilet or sleep...

    1. You should totally see Ghost World! The book is awesome too, but it's a bit different from the movie. And I'm glad to know that other people think robots are creepy. :D

  2. Amazingosity...I love that word! Robots are really creepy and I must see Ghost World!

    1. Amazingosity is a word that's full of amazingosity. :) And if you see Ghost World, you'll absolutely love it!