Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my clock always says it's 5:01 because it's a liar

Oy vey, I'm not doing very well with keeping up with the frequency of these posts, have I? (That is a rhetorical question. But you've answered that by now, I'm sure. So this is a waste of words and typing and all that la-di-da.) And I got my tripod BUT, my dear friends of the blogosphere, I asked for one with a ground spike instead of one with three legs, so I need to get another one. (That reminds me-my birthday way yesterday! Woohoo! I'm now 13-but it feels the same as 12, so that proves that age is really just a number. I'M STILL A CHILD DEEP INSIDEEEE.)

So anyway, I found some really awesome things around the city so far, but nothing major. (While we're on the subject of cool things, let's quickly direct our attention to this amazing Jeremy Scott outfit:)

Okay. Anyway. I'm getting way off track here. I really am horrible at posting-BUT I WILL CHANGE THAT- so for now, I'll post some pictures from a couple months ago when I had planned to do an outfit post: 

Collar-H&M, Ribbon-fabric store, Headband-Forever 21, Dress-Uniqlo Bracelets-H&M Backpack-Barneys New York


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