Thursday, June 28, 2012

i wanna be a fluffy sea urchin, too

This, to me, is something that I think The White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia would wear (if she were sort of futuristic and modern).

Giant. Pink. Fluffy Sea.Urchin.
I need this. 

In my opinion, Alexander McQueen always makes the best tailored womens' suits. I don't even like suits, yet the brand makes me love them.

I can't tell if those are furry socks or legwarmers, but they're still amazing.

For some odd reason, this formation brings to mind the carousel of models that Marc Jacobs had for his Louis Vuitton show.

I have but too many words for that lovely first outfit. 

BATMAN!!! Or a bat. Or a fluffy sea urchin.
                                                         Either way, I love this.

Sadly enough, I don't have a ton of commentary for the Alexander McQueen 2013 collection. I was excited to see how it looked, and was a bit disappointed by the sameness of a lot of the clothes, but those AMAZING SPACEY/FUTURISTIC GLASSES cured my heartache. And all of the fluffiness and pompoms-it's hard not to be in love with that.



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  2. alexander mcqueen always be the best! great post :) xx

    Daisy Cats

    1. Thank you! And that's true; Alexander McQueen, for me, is right up there with Comme Des Garcons for the most creative designs.

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