Saturday, June 16, 2012

super kawaii obsession x the need to purchase etsy patches x american horror story fangirling = what happens when I'm tired

Warning: some fangirling ahead.      
Oh dear. I've been on Etsy for hours now, obsessing over lolita magazines-possible style inspiration, y'know? Magazines in America get pretty boring after a while-and then  "aw, that's so cute! I NEED THIS"-ing to all the necklaces and charms and lovely trinkets. I guess this sort of is a branch of my Courtney Love/Hole interest. Anyway, I simultaneously began searching up patches (screen printed ones that I can sew or pin onto cardigans/sweaters/my jean jacket to jazz them up) and went crazy because the Etsy shop that I was looking at had a TATE LANGDON PATCH! (For those of you who aren't as fangirl-ish about the show, Tate Langdon is a character on American Horror Story who is played by the amazing Evan Peters) So I basically plan to-but have not yet-get: a Tate Langdon patch, a Wednesday Addams patch, a Lydia Deetz patch, a Lucille Ball patch, a Sweeney Todd patch (ahhh, good memories of me watching that in third grade and having a mini freak-out), a Rocky Horror Picture Show patch, and a Carrie patch. My eyelids are bouncing back and forth now and I'm too tired to post pictures of the patches/random kawaii stuff right now, so I'm going to go before I fall asleep on my laptop. When I order the patches and get them, I'll takes tons of pictures for you to marvel at! (Well, after I crazily pin them over everything I own.)

                                                                                                                            Yours truly, 

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