Thursday, June 7, 2012

i dream a dream of tulle

 Today I finally got my hands on some tulle (which may have been a mistake, seeing as I spent the entire afternoon using it as a veil)) since I was planning to use it for a DIY project. I finally started the project (to be posted later) but not before spending approximately an hour of my life prancing around with the tulle and a headband on my head to make a makeshift veil. 

This was a horrible attempt to get a picture of the rest of my outfit. My horrible lack of a tripod (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get one for my birthday) only allowed me to capture this part. 

 Sweater-Macy's. Shirt-Banana Republic. Collar-H&M. Skirt-Macy's. Tulle-fabric store. Headband-Forever 21                                        

                                                                                                                            Yours truly, Britney

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