Friday, June 8, 2012

magazines, zines, and the whole shebang

Oh hai there, little feminist/girl power symbols. Allow me to explain how you came to be in this blog post.
 Man, oh man, what a whole lot of AMAZINGNESS the past two days have been like. Yesterday I-sadly-discovered that Barnes & Noble sells BUST magazine! I had been reading about how it started out as a zine in the '90s, but I thought that now it was a magazine that was only sold in certain stores. I obsessed over it and basically was afraid to bend it. AND today, I received Meagan's zines (Teenage Grrrl Issues One and Two) and the zines-as well as the great package that it came in-are amazing; they're a couple pages long; short and sweet packed with feminist awesomeness.  
Meagan's awesome designs (my hand is blocking some of the feminism symbols, but I'd rather do that than have
               stalkers, ya know?)  

 Oh! And I made my first DIY! I created both the actual finished product and the DIY instructions. Remember that tulle that I bought yesterday, the one that I was obsessed with? Well, with it, I made.....get ready.......... 

(Now is the time to applaud, my dears.) 

So I'm really excited about this. The Virgin Suicides + Twin Peaks + The Sleeping Beauty (French) = This headband. It looks-and feels-so ethereal; the dress I'm wearing wasn't planned to go with this, I just happened to be wearing it when I shoved the headband on my head and began taking pictures. It feels like something you'd wear while treading the water of a quiet lake in the middle of the woods while mist danced on your skin.

More proof of my tulle obsession, no? 

Here's how to make it: 
  • tulle (I used white, but you can choose any color) 
  • thin headband (the one I used was a plastic one from Forever 21)
  • scissors
  • tape    

It's simple, really. Basically: 

1. Cut a strip of tulle off of the entire sheet. It should be at least as long as your thumb, and can be crooked, but try not to make every single piece awkwardly shaped. 


2. Tie the tulle onto the headband so that it looks sort of like a bow. Do this repeatedly until the headband is basically completely covered. 



Your very own tulle headband! Now you can prance around pretending to be a happy unicorn until your wee little hooves get tired.
Or you can just stare at the pictures of the headband. That's acceptable, too.

Yours truly,

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