Friday, June 22, 2012

let's be snakes and bask in the sunlight forever

Waiting to be released from school is going sort of slow. I'm anticipating the outfit posts (oh tripod, won't you be mine?) and traipsing around Manhattan all day. I find is especially odd that in summer, I tend to be obsessed with sweaters and cardigans while in winter I have dreams of dresses and skirts and all the things that you'd usually find in summer. This year I'll try to reverse this and try to focus on clothes for warmer weather. So let's move on to:

That looks a tad bit serious and scary...)
1. The '50s and '60s were bittersweet

Prada-Spring/Summer 2012 

I'm in love with the second outfit. I'm usually not attracted to outfits that include baring my torso, but Prada has seduced me once again. Maybe it's the lovely use of red peppers. 

Time traveling has now been made possible. 

I am absolutely, positively obsessed with cat's eye glasses. I'm contemplating getting a pair when I get new glasses, even though one of my classmates proclaimed that I'd "look like a deranged time-traveling lunatic from the 1950s." Good, good. Exactly what I wanted. 

This is my first time seeing this picture in color, but now I like it even more. Especially the details on the ski sweater.

A Twiggy bag. This has just become the love of my life.

2. The '90s were....grunge-y 

Marc Jacobs circa 1990s 

I have to admit, I like the grunge-yness of the '90s, but to a certain extent. As in, I wouldn't go too overboard with how "maxi" the skirt gets-mostly because I'm not one of those people who can fall gracefully. 

Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis 

I spy with my four eyes a Nirvana shirt. 
Also, a lot of plaid. A lot of plaid. As in, blankets of plaid. 
Okay, you get the point.  

3. Angsty, suicidal teenagers of the 20th century

Still from Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides (The book was written by Jeffrey Eugenides.)

The Lisbon Sisters in their room 

I never really seemed to figure out why the Lisbon sisters were so interesting to me. I guess it's because they're so ethereal/mysterious/lovely. But I sense that it's more than that. You have to watch the movie/read the book to understand why. I have so much word vomit about how beautiful and different the plot is from other films/books. 

Cecilia Lisbon (my favorite Lisbon sister, along with Lux)

This is a still from the end of the movie. This is one of my favorite scenes; it's a party that happened after all of the Lisbon sisters had taken their lives-oh, come on, don't act like you didn't know it wouldn't happen from the title-where everyone wore gas masks with formal clothes. This was an incredibly bewitching scene that I watched about a million times. 

Christian Slater and Winona Ryder in Heathers. 

This is by far one of my favorite movies off all time. The plot is amazing. The actors are just captivating. You have to watch it. It's a dark comedy from the '80s where Veronica (Ryder) and J.D. (Slater) kill off the people they hate the most by making them look like suicides. Your life is not complete unless you watch it, I assure you.

Shannon Doherty as Heather, one of the Heathers. She went from being the girl who was sort of in the wings to....well, what did she become, exactly? I guess you could say she became the main Heather. The Heathers actually made boxy blazers + plaid skirts + big hair appealing to me. 

Yours truly, 

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