Monday, June 25, 2012

it's all so comme-plicated with all the chiffon and tulle and coats and stuff, being that rei holds the key to my heart

The title was a total spoiler alert (did you get my joke did you get it I bet you did because I'm so funny and stuff) (NOT)  because this post is all about Comme Des Garçons and me obsessing over the brand throughout the years. I've known about them and I always hear about them, but today I actually decided to sit down and look and the brand over the years, and WOW oh WOW, are they amazing

Can we just take a moment to ogle at this entire outfit and wish that we lived in a world
where this was the uniform? Okay? Okay.

I never thought that something could be neat and structured but flowy (is that a word? Let's pretend it is if it isn't.) and graceful at the same time. Those sleeves sort of remind me of a knight's armor, and the bottom half is something that a princess might wear. That's why this entire ensemble is genius; Rei managed to make two things that usually, somehow. 

HEADGEAR. ('s not a word....fine, hair accesories) I wish I could just have a shrine made out of all the lovely Comme de Garçons masks and headpieces (finally, my journey to find the right word is over) and sit there all day worshiping it. But then that would be creepy. 


Oh, there are too many words flowing through my mind and the ones standing out the most are: I NEED THIS. Actually, more like in the fall and winter and spring and stuff but not in summer because it's too hot but mostly, I NEED THIS. I'd love it even without the use of grayness/gray flowers but the grayness/gray flowers has made me love it even more. Rei, you genius, you. 

The lace mixed with the cagey material is perfecto. Is it just me, though, or is the material attached to the lace to make a sort of cage kind of Styrofoam-like? Like, squishy and foamy yet structured.  

I was already obsessed by the time I saw the headpiece. The dress just made me love it to death. It reminds me of Swan Lake, but the headpiece reminds me of a creepy circus or a carnival.

That's how I look when I'm playing Hide-and-Seek.  
I should get this blanket-y dress so that when I'm playing Hide-and-Seek, I can just put it on and drop onto my bed, artfully and skilfully concealed. (Oooh, big words. Very descriptive.)

Another armor-y dress! This time complete with a fabric helmet! Ms. Kawakubo is definitely on to something here. 

As if I didn't love the whole shebang already, this came along.

Oh flowery outfit,
You're so different from all the other floral thingamajigs.
You look very kewl (aren't I so hip, kids?) with your face-covering
And your unconventional hoodie,
Oh, won't you be mine?

That ode was almost as beautiful as the outfits in this post.
So, anyway, I was reading about Comme Des Garçons on what is obviously the world's most reliable source-WIKIPEDIAAAAAAA-and it said that Comme des Garçons specializes in "anti-fashion, austere, sometimes deconstructed garments". So, sort of like a dark, twisted Wonderland. Or the underbelly of a utopia. Or reality. 

Think about it while staring at this picture of our dear friend Rei Kawakubo. 



  1. I love Rei. This collection is so beautifully strange and ugly in the best way.

    1. I know! She's the only designer that I know of who can make that kind of wonderful magic through her designs.

  2. Oh Britney thank you so much for this post. I was imagining some alternative wedding dresses and these just tripped me out. Can you imagine one of these floating down the aisle? Complete with silver hair and shoes and maybe a 2001 A Space Odyssey soundtrack...lovely :) Cat x

    1. I'm glad that you like it! You're right, these dresses would actually be really cool, spacey wedding dresses.

  3. Comme des Garcon's collection was so dreamy and felt like a fantasy to me. I'm trying to convince my mum that the Comme des Garcon slip dress on sale at Nordstrom deserves a place in my closet. :3

    1. That's what makes it stand out to me; it's dreamy and wispy yet deconstructed at the same time. And I hope you get the dress! ^_^

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  5. I love CDG!!! The collections never seem to fail me! To bad I have the budget of a 12 year old! I am Maggie and I am 12 years old too. My fashion blog is called Style Walrus. I love your blog and I hope that you will check out mine!

    1. Oh, to find someone else with a 12-year-old's budget and a love for clothes from designers like Comme Des Garcons. ^_^ Also, I checked out your blog and it's really awesome!