Wednesday, June 6, 2012

drive me to the moon in a sea of silver

Lately I've had spacey, 1960s vibes. It's a bit odd, seeing as the two are a wee bit different-sort of in different categories if you think about it-but that's what makes it so great when they're paired together.

This is from the Beacon's Closet website. The John Lennon-like specs x the Marianne Faithfull hair x the silvery spaceship-like top/dress is just fantastic. I'm obsessed with this picture. The trees in the background make it look like something out of a fantasy story, doesn't it? A spacey, '60-ish fantasy story.... 

Anjelica Houston in a sea of silver glitter. The wig-which might possibly be her real hair but dyed, but I'm guessing it's a wig-looks so futuristic yet classic, especially on her. 

This is a picture of a DIY mosaic collar that I found on Self Constructed Freak. 

Another picture from the Beacon's Closet website, with the same setting/outfit/model. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful silver shoes that the model is wearing. 

I'm not sure who this is, but that is by far the best jumpsuit ever-which is saying something, because I usually don't like jumpsuits. These should be the new spacesuits. Huh. Imagine that. Everyone would want to be an astronaut. 

Sparkly socks/stockings AND sparkly shoes. Wow. Meadham Kirchoff, oh how I love thee. The shoes are in such an odd shape; it brings to mind the world created by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. My little toesies feel so lonesome without these.  

Jane Fonda as Barbarella in the 1968 film Barbarella. Truth be told, I've never seen it, I've only obsessed over the costumes and hair. 
The 1969 moon landing. 

I'm in love with these! Maybe just as much as the Meadham Kirchoff ones....
......that's a lot of love.

                         -Yours truly, Britney

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