Sunday, May 27, 2012

we ate the summer before it began

Yesterday was like a dream. I went to a Memorial Day street parade and basically blew all of my money. 

Exhibit A, mon amis et amies. 

I had to get another John Lennon shirt because the one I got last year got messed up because I left lip gloss in my pocket when my mom was washing it and...well, figure out the rest. This time, I got one in black instead of gray, though. 

This is one of the three pendants that I got. It's so odd, a little yellow ladybug (I feel idiotic now, because I'm sure there are probably yellow ladybugs somewhere...) 

I got this because it reminds me of a floral scene was into the woods somewhere (definitely not here in New York, though, because the closet I've come to seeing a forest in real life is Central Park, which makes me feel sheltered.) Oddly, if you actually look closely, then you can see that it's not actually anything floral; it's basically a rock with green and pink, but I still think of spring and stuff when I see it. It reminds me of The Virgin Suicides (i.e., the meadow scenes), which had to do with the reason why I bought it. 

So, I bought this because I have a choker with a pendant on it and felt like I needed a change. I feel a tad bit bad saying this, because even though I'm Catholic, I didn't really buy it for religious reasons. 

The ribbon that I bought to go along with the first two pendants. 

I fell in love with this headband the minute I saw it. I guess it's the pattern x the colors x the design. 

This has a totally retro 1950s design. When I finally master a beehive hairstyle, I might combine the two. There was a red one that I was going to get, but then I decided against it because there's not much that there is to wear with such a thing. 

A beaded headband, a neat invention that I was previously unaware of. 

I LOVE THIS. It's basically a Faberge egg, except I didn't have to spend a lifetime's amount of money on it. It's meant for jewelry, which I immediately filled it with when I got home. Did I mention that I love it? (Okay, now I think that I'm obsessed with it.)

I had to get this Union Jack bracelet because I got one last year, only to have it (unintentionally) ripped and thrown across the auditorium by a classmate of mine that I let see it for a few seconds. This one, however, will be kept under maximum security 24/7, kept in a glass case, and carried around with me by the Secret Service.

There is no way to express my love of these earrings. When I got to the tent where they were being sold, I literally went postal and started picking them up and scouring  the tables for more cool earrings. My mother was staring at me the entire time with a confused look on her face, but THEY WERE JUST TOO AMAZING TO RESIST. This picture doesn't show their full amazingness. Not even a quarter of their awesomeness.

Just a bunch of nail polish. I don't really use it that much, so I'm not sure why I got it. And the got the second one (the pink one with glitter in it) because it reminded me of cake. I don't like pink, but I do like cake.)

This is a mint green eyeliner pencil that I got for some reason. I usually don't see any cool colors in the store, and the table that was selling this had a rainbow of eyeliner pencils. I actually never wore such a bright shade of eyeliner before, but I think I'll just use it in an outfit post. 

I love these. I already have two pairs of chopsticks, but these are the most authentic looking. 

This is a sort of nude shade of lipstick, which isn't really shown in the picture. I never wear lipstick or any makeup except for lip gloss and Burt's Bees, but there were just so many colors that my head spun around. (But not in a way that I couldn't obsess over the colors. That would be sad.)

This is actually a dark red lipstick, which I'd most likely only really wear for outfit posts. 

I LOVE THIS. It's a dark, dark blue with glitter in it, which makes it look just like the night sky/outer space. The tube itself it so retro looking/has an '80s feel to it, so I'd most likely by it for the tube. I plan on wearing this as many times as possible. I keep scolding myself for not buying, like, ten of these.  

There's a lilac one, too, but I'll post that one later.

Yours truly, Britney

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