Saturday, May 26, 2012

crowning glory

I finally finished my first crown! I feel as if this is a huge accomplishment for some reason. I guess it's because I've been saying that I wanted to make one since....oh, I don't know, last summer? I was planning on starting out with a flower crown, but it eventually morphed into a pipe cleaner crown.  

This is a close-up of the front of the crown. It's a little girl/feminist symbol that I made out of pipe cleaners. I was planning out making it into a brooch-which I should do, in fact, with another one-but then I couldn't get the brooch thing on  I decided that I would look better on the crown.   

This is want I was planning on making before. This is from Rookie magazine ( under "Daydream Nation". 

To be honest, I have no idea who Lana Del Rey is, but I looked up "flower crowns", found this, and thought that it was a beautiful photograph and crown. 

This is a crown that Marlena over at Self Contructed Freak ( made, and I'm absolutely in LOVE with it. I wish that I knew how she made it, but oh well! I'll figure out how to make it eventually. 

Molly Ringwald. I just love this picture; I have no words for how beautiful it is. 

The one and only Courtney Love. She's wearing the most festive crown ever. It's the baby of a headband and a crown. 

-Yours truly, Britney

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