Friday, August 17, 2012

glitter socks with a guest appearance of an imaginary courtney love backpack

I need a Courtney Love backpack. Really. There's a hole in my soul without one. (Get it? Hole in the soul? Hole? Okay.) I was walking today and this was how the thought of a Courtney Love backpack occurred:
school is close ew no way--> backpacks --> I'm just going to cover my backpack in stuff like badges and patches --> courtney love's face on my backpack --> courtney love's face ALL OVER my backpack--> courtney love backpack!-->ooh, food
These are the genius thoughts that run through my brain. Charming, aren't I? I tried searching on Google for "courtney love backpack" and "backpack with courtney love's face on it" but they failed to produce what I was looking for, which was a MAJOR LETDOWN. 

But guess what? I went shopping in Soho today and I went a couple of rad stores (Uniqlo, Forever 21, Zara, H&M). From Uniqlo I got a hippie-dippy dress with bell sleeves and a daisy print. From Forever 21, I found one of the best things ever. Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

GLITTERY SOCKS! -cue magical parade with floats made out of GLITTER SOCKS and other things of the magical sort- 

I was just walking to the escalator when I saw them on a small rack above some clothes. I've been searching for glittery socks for the longest time and eventually gave up on finding them any time soon, when I saw them today. But today I found them! Woohoo!  

This is just a bunch of stuff that I had that I felt were appropriate in the subject of something like glittery socks. 

Yours truly,

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