Friday, August 24, 2012

hippie dippy

Today I wore the daisy covered, flower-child like dress that I mentioned before. It. Is. Heaven. The sleeves are so fun to shake around and stare at, and it's covered in DAISIES. 

I'm trying to think of something interesting to say...hmmmm....well, I always notice that so many other bloggers talk about thrifting and how cool it is, so I decided to try it out by going to a Salvation Army near Times Square. I'm not sure if this is just how all Salvation Army stores are, but the lights were really dim and it smelled like an old closet (which didn't really bother me that much) and THEN a homeless person fainted (or died? I couldn't tell) on the floor. The workers had to call the paramedics, which was when I chose to leave. There wasn't much there that really stood out to me, and I haven't actually tried any other thrift stores (I go to Beacon's Closet sometimes, but that's more of a vintage store run by hipsters who have chronic bitchface) so I'm not going to dismiss them right away. I guess I need to keep looking for good thrift stores in New York, but it's sort of tiresome. Afterwards, I went to Forever 21 and got a really cool shirt that I'm going to wear as a dress with either tights/stockings or knee high socks, and Madonnainthe1980s-esque earrings, seen below. 

Dress-Uniqlo  Bag-Henry Holt for Barneys New York  Flats-H&M 

Yours truly,


  1. I like your flower-child dress. It looks very elegant with those black tights, especially since the dress is white. Opposite colors look very good together, such as black and white, yellow and green.(Im pretty sure nobody would wear "yellow and green" together, otherwise they would look like a flower)

    1. Thanks! It's actually not white, though, the flash from my camera makes it look white.

  2. The dress is cute , it seems very summery :)

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