Wednesday, August 22, 2012

hello i must be going

Today my outfit inspiration was "French child models". I usually see them on the covers of international magazines in Barnes & Noble, and they're just SO. COOL. I need to be their friends even though that might seem totally weird and creepy and erghblergh. 

Below are some pictures from earlier this week that I forgot to blog about. The theme for this was basically just how women dressed in the 1950s, especially the shirtwaist dresses that were a part of fashion back then, especially the ones that Lucille Ball wore. 

Also, there was an alert on Rookie to send in pictures expressing your support for Pussy Riot, and mine got accepted for an upcoming article! 


Shirt-Uniqlo  Capris-Uniqlo  Shoes-Prada   Bag-Henry Holt for Barneys New York  Scarf-H&M  Dress-vintage  Flats-H&M  Necklace-H&M Bag-Maison Martin Margiela (I think? I have to check.)

Yours truly,

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  1. Wow I must say whoever picked out that dress has a good eye. ;)