Wednesday, August 22, 2012

summer's moving away soon

15 days left to Fashion's Night Out! (And school of course, but still. That is hardly exclamation point worthy news.) My mom is letting me go this year, so I'm obsessively planning out my schedule (they have a really rad thing where you can choose the events that you want to attend, organize them into a list, and keep the list so that you won't be all over the place when the time comes. I don't think anything blogworthy (I'm a human dictionary, obviously) happened today, but I found some really cool pictures, mostly while I was on tumblr updating Grrrl Angst (although the only one from tumblr that I decided to post here is the first one). Speaking of Grrrl Angst, if you want to submit anything, just email me

       Cross of St Peter Black Leggings
These last three stood out to me the most because they were cult-y to me. I discovered two really, really great blogs: Preppy Glam Cult Chick and Style Wandering. I actually rediscovered the last one because I subscribed and being the 13 year old procrastinator/person who forgets things that I am, I forgot about it. I was reading Style Walrus and saw Style Wandering mentioned, and then I clicked the link and ERMERGERD AMAZINGNESS. Seriously, Eva's blog is full of amazingosity and bad-assery and it is officially my favorite blog in the entire world. I cannot tell you how much I love it. Okay, I'm going to go now, mostly because it's 12:19 AM but also because this post is spiraling downwards into the  fangirling-zone. 

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  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm so glad you like it! Reading this post literally like, made my life! I so, so, so, so appreciate it and it means soooooo much to me! Your blog is amazing too! This post rocks, I love all the photos, especially the first one! I'm pretty sure I'm following your blog now. Sometimes my follow thing spazzes and doesn't work, but hopefully it worked this time! I really like your blog!

    xx Eva