Monday, May 27, 2013

"pastel grunge" makes me sad/i'm picking up good vibrations

A GIF that I made of one of my wicker baskets
Hi hi hi hi hi. I'm off from school for Memorial Day, so I have time to browse the Internet and criticize everything and be snarky while eating pretzels and listening to Bikini Kill. 
So...yeah. I'm not going to rant about everything because ranting gets boring after a while and I have pretzels waiting to enter my mouth, but I've noticed something called "pastel grunge" lately. It's basically what would happen if a kawaii monster ate all the cats and lolita-based posts on tumblr and traveled back in time to a Nirvana concert to vomit the mixture all over the place, then took an Instagram picture of it to make it look "retro" or whatever. In an article in the Toronto Standard, Max Mosher says, "Picture a combination of Courtney Love and My Little Pony, and you're most of the way there."
There's just something about it that irks me. I honestly don't know. Maybe it started when I saw someone wearing a shirt with the Nirvana logo with a bunch of kawaii necklaces, and when I asked if she liked Nirvana, she said, "Um, who?" Or maybe it was when I saw someone for the hundredth time with fluorescent hair and some sort of skull somewhere on their outfit. I don't know. 
I'm not trying to offend anyone, so if you read this and said, "UGH, so offensive! You suck!" then I apologize. I'm probably contradicting myself because I've had purple hair twice in my lifetime, but I guess my only annoyance comes out of either seeing the same thing every day, or when people wear things of significance to other people without trying to find out the real meaning. I don't know. I have the same problem with Nu Goth (a.k.a. 75% of Lookbook a.k.a what this blogger describes as an "unholy alliance") for the same reasons. 
If you haven't stopped reading by now, then good, good. I'm in a weird good mood, both because of the fact that I have no school today, and because the Internet has given me a reason to like it again. Behold, the Holy Grail of fashion/snarkiness:
I spent my entire Sunday going through twenty six pages worth of this stuff from a tumblr called Unknowledgeable Fashionista, which has both memes and screenshots of when people get names and terms in fashion wrong, etc., including the forever cringeworthy "Channel." (seen below)



Anyway. In relation to what I was talking about before (grunge), there is a great article that I read on called "Baby-Doll Dresses Rise to the Occasion"  that talks about the revival of the 1990s and the kinderwhore fashion. 

                Ssaint Laurent's baby doll dress Christopher Kane trimmed his satin number with feathers.
Above: Hedi Slimane's revival at Saint Laurent (left), Christoper Kane's (right)

Azzedine Alaïa was feeling dotty for Fall.

Azzedine Alaïa's, which was superb. I'm in a dot coma. 

Anna Sui knows her way around a baby doll.
Anna Sui 

Paired with patent over-the-knee boots, at Chanel.

A look from the new Versus Versace lineup.
Versus Versace 

I have an exciting blogiversary post up later (I know, I know, it's been two days, don't judge me), so...woohoo. I'm bad at ending posts. I'm actually supposed to be editing an article right now, so I should stop procrastinating for once. 



  1. you are so right about that nirvana shirt. It makes me sad that H&M sells dresses with kurt cobains face or pink floyd print, because people will buy it who don't know who the heck kurt cobain is or have never listened to any pink floyd song. So that sucks. Pastel grunge is actually a cool style, i think, but i hate it when people don't know what they are wearing, you know?


    1. Definitely! If someone takes the time to find respect for what they wear especially if it's important to someone else, then I have no problem with it, but most of the pastel grungey people that I know don't. I used to like it, but then I got sort of sick of seeing it every day.

  2. i feel really territorial and weird every time i see someone at school wearing that urban outfitters hole shirt... the irritating indie police in my head flip out.
    although the pink tinted pictures of collar bones or whatever make me throw up in my mouth, the idea of mixing something as rough (ish) as kurt cobain and pink cupcakes is really interesting and nice to me.