Thursday, September 5, 2013

the blogosphere: the future of fashion or absurd narcissism? (or maybe both?)

Let's be honest: not all blogs post the same thing, but most of them do. There is nothing that seems to stand out anymore, unless you wade through the sea of highly supplied yet not in high demand pages upon pages of someone wearing an outfit that you wouldn't think twice about in about twenty different pictures. The rise of certain fashion bloggers-Susie Bubble (Susanna Lau, respectively), Tavi Gevinson, BryanBoy, The Man Repeller (a.k.a Leandra Medine), etc.-has convinced people that if they go through the simple process of signing up for a blog and banging out a couple of paragraphs to go along with pictures, the same fame that has befallen these people will soon arrive at their doorsteps.
Before you say, "Hey, you're a blogger! Aren't you criticizing yourself?" I probably am. I have never put too much thought into my own blog; it was a place for me to upload pictures of things I liked and to voice my opinion. But in the past few months, it's become to tedious to do that; sometimes I just want to wear something amazing and not have to groan at the thought of setting up my-now broken-tripod, self-timing a good picture, and uploading it along with some words about it. Or maybe I would like to look at some fashion shows and not have to write down notes that will soon come together for the sake of my blog. (I actually got invited to one for NYFW, which is next week, by the way, and I will definitely be writing about that because it's too great to even believe.) Yes, now and then there's an outfit that I like, and style blogging has definitely improved what I wear; other style blogs have helped me do that as well, and I am incredibly thankful for that. So let me clarify: I am not saying that all style blogs are like this. There are a good amount of people that I know who have amazing blogs and post what they like, and share so many beautiful thoughts and ideas and photographs with the world, but there are also people who jump on the bandwagon because they think that by wearing the same. Exact. Thing. That. You. Can. Find. In. Every. Magazine. Just. Because. They. Told. You. To.
I've stopped taking pictures of what I wear-maybe I'll start back-because I don't want to be generalized or be accused of partaking in these endless trends that seem to be on almost every blog I come across. I don't want to be grouped with a ton of other people. I don't want people to come to my blog and think the same thing that I am writing about. I just want to write without doubt and wear what I want without saying, "You're only wearing flannel because of Saint Laurent! You're just like everyone else!" And I definitely don't want to group people like this, either. Sincerity will prevail over all; there are a ton of honest bloggers out there who wear clothes because they love them, but simultaneously, there are the people who are quite the opposite and are in it to win it. ("It" being interviews, followers, etc. etc.)

This absurd narcissism is not all blogging is made up of; there are the blogs that inspire, the ones that make people think. There are blogs that people return to over and over again, ones that make them happy, sad, and glad to be a part of all of this. They are the future of all of this. At the bottom of this sea of duplicated pages upon pages of half formed opinions and the same outfits over and over again, they are there, just waiting to be discovered; and when they are, they will be with you forever.


  1. i've been having a lot of the same thoughts as you, but i haven't been nearly as eloquent (i.e. i've been slamming everyone who's ever used the words "witchy vibes" ever, even though i am one of those people)
    the blogosphere isn't as exciting when you get used to it after a while... lots of peter pan collars and stuff... meh, i'm mean and judgmental hehe
    but yeah, i agree, some stuff is really great and some stuff isn't at all, but i think what most people are doing is trying to establish themselves and it's super hard to do something -different-
    danni <3

  2. I get what you're saying... I think that fashion bloggers are often, in fact, very interesting people with interesting styles, but when they're all stacked together in the "blogosphere" no one stands out anymore. Just like being punk is all about being nonconformist but a punk rock concert, everyone looks the same. But yeah, it's not as special too see a cool fashion blog because it seems like they are so many that post the exact same thing (which makes blogging really hard and frustrating!)
    Your blog still definitely stands out as special though!

    1. Thank you so much! (Also, I'm glad that other people understand what I am saying, because I was afraid it would come across as unreasonably harsh.)