Sunday, December 2, 2012

tulle addicts anonymous

Hello! The above cassette greeted me when I woke up. It just came in the mail and is fitting for a first cassette, don't you think? (NIRVANA>LIFE) In my opinion, cassettes are better than CDs. Sure, they require a bit more work, but they feel more personal to me for some reason. 

This week I imagined having an ultra-cool feminism club at school called 4th Wave Femmes. Unfortunately, the feminist population at my school is most likely 1 (this here blogger) so I'm afraid that I will most likely have to wait until high school to start it. 

Earlier this week, I was on a feminism-focused episode of Nick News with other teenage feminists and...Gloria Steinem! I sat next to her during the taping and she was incredibly nice, but she still voiced her opinions when she needed to. 

For some reason, whenever I take a group picture, my mom goes to the side and decides to take a picture with the rest of the people, resulting in a picture that looks like someone crept up and took a random picture. These are the other really rad teen feminists who were on the show (some people aren't there because they'd left already.)

Me & two super cool friends of mine/fellow feminist members of SPARK , Sariel & YingYing 

Me & Dana Edell, executive director of SPARK, who is another rad feminist that I'm glad to know 

I don't know, man, I don't know. I thought I looked cool and SHUT UP DON'T JUDGE ME. I don't want to turn into a person who takes random pictures of myself. 

I went shopping on 34th Street today after ballet class. I went to Uniqlo, in which I encountered A VERY IMPORTANT DILEMMA. I found two dresses that I liked and couldn't decide on one, so I tried them both on and wasted about half a hour. I ended up getting the corduroy sleeveless one because 1. I was only biased towards the first one because there was tulle attached to it and I am a tulle addict) and 2. the stripey part was weird and droopy and made me look like a toddler. They only had it in a large, which explains a lot. 

I like this one because it reminds me of a mod '60s dress. It would look nice by itself or with a turtleneck (seen below). 

It looks much nicer in a picture than in real life, trust me. 


I have to go to sleep now (you probably noticed that already) but I'll leave you with this picture that I took of the Empire State Building today. I saw it and it was just sitting there in all of its glowing red evilness. It was dark out, so it just disappeared into the sky, which made it even scarier. (The Wendy's sign in the corner just ruined its intimidating look, though.) 



  1. I think I want your life.

    I know this is a bit weird but I remember from your rookie profile thingy it says you live in new York. Which I think is pretty much the coolest thing ever even though I have never been. Is it awesome?? Do you ride the subway everywhere and get hotdogs and stuff?? And is everyone in your school super awesome and cool and doesn't care if your weird???

  2. That's so cool you were on an episode of Nick News! Yea I like the 60's mod dress better :)

  3. Wow! I so admire you for being so active/involved in feminism and activism and not even in high school yet! I'm a senior in high school and I assume you're in 8th grade and if so you are the coolest 8th grader ever. I love the corduroy dress. Keep up the amazingness!