Sunday, March 24, 2013

point of no return

"The boy walked like a cat, lithe and full of purpose, with lives to spare. He walked past the record store where Marni worked, hoping she would not see him. It wasn’t that he didn’t like her; she was strange and liked serenading him in Bob Dylan songs (last time it had been "The Times They Are A-Changin"). "-the rough draft a short story that I'm working on that is going absolutely nowhere.

Long time, no blog. I'm feeling particularly uninspired (except for being excited about a pair of holographic sneakers that I bought today), so I'm going to post an a/w 13 review that I have on my other blog. Enjoy, you snazzy cats. 

                                         Versace Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear
This is what Cher Horowitz would be wearing if she were in an all-girl rock band in the 1970s. It's minimalism with an edge. I like the contradiction of the coat with the bodysuit (which I thought was a swimsuit at first). The fur-trim was nice.

More Cher H. I can't really say that I like this dress that much; the way the plaid and the leather was mixed didn't really do it for me, and I wasn't too fond of the boots, which remind me of those awkward plastic things that people put umbrellas in. I like the bag, though.

I have mixed feelings. I like the white leather! I don't like the shoes. I like the belt and the use of it! Oh, CONFUSION. At 2:33 A.M., you just had to visit me. I never liked pencil skirts, so I'm a little biased in this situation.

This satchel is something that I'd definitely wear. All the elements miraculously don't clash. (Two different colored furs, chains, buckles, leather)

This feels like something you'd find in Hot Topic. I'm not liking the pants, esp. the length, because it seems to cut off at such an awkward angle.

Eh, the...necklace is nice? I don't know. The coat is pretty rad.

Overall, the collection was pretty monochromatic and felt a little...obvious? Like, the whole black + white with a leeeeetle touch a gray was drawing into the whole "punk" idea too much, so at times some of the clothes came off as Hot Topic-y (which I mentioned before). I liked some of the accessories, though, like the fur trimmed satchel and the necklaces. There were things like the fur-trimmed bodysuit & the coat, so yeah, it wasn't bad or anything.

This outfit is great, esp. the dress because of the shape and the yellow collar. The socks & heels would look nice with other outfits, too.

Peplum pants? Eh.

Christina Hendricks in Mad Men if someone shoved her into a time machine heading into the 21st century.
I don't like the M emblem. The heels with socks are great, and I like the jacket. The use of roses throughout the outfit are nice.

Everything else was basically jackets and more M emblems (ugh) and somewhat ugly hats and riding stuff. It was better than Versace (I'm sorry, Donatella, but your "vunk" wasn't that appealing to me) in my opinion, especially in the way that the main prints (crimson red, plaid) were used.

                                                                      Dolce & Gabbana
                                           (a.ka. my style bffzzzzz and partners in fashion crime)

                                                Stefano and Domenico, you clever devils, you.

I like the shape and length of the dress. The print is nice; it's like one of those really old Italian churches, and I don't know why I'm saying that, because that was obviously the inspiration. Shut up, Britney. Ugh. MOVING ON.

This brings to mind a cool nun. I don't know what's wrong with my brain. But that is what this brings to mind.  Or like, a nun who's been excommunicated for being too cool and she's on her way out of the convent with her bitchface and red shoes and lace. I need sleep ugh.

The shorts. The shorts are great. Can I marry you, o shorts? The top proves that Dolce & Gabbana remain the masters of iconography. I like how these pieces were paired together.

-COMMENCE ULTIMATE BITCHFACE- The layering is perfect. I'm not the biggest fan of gray, but this is so nice. A little too "I'm on my way to work at a somewhat stifling office and I'm also a middle aged woman" for me, though.

Okay, SO,  bear with me here, but remember my nun theory earlier? On American Horror Story: Asylum, the head of the asylum, a nun named Sister Jude wore this red slip underneath her nun suit (because I honestly don't know what it's called), and this brought back memories, man. This is what a younger Sister Jude would wear underneath her nun suit (that is now my new favorite phrase).

The pointed gold shoes are rad. I don't have any close-ups because hasn't posted any for this show yet. I like the shape of the blazer/jacket. At first I wasn't sure if it was only because of the way that it looked with the shorts, but in the ten minutes I took to visualize in different outfit scenarios, I realized that it would look great with other pieces of clothing.

                                                                  Christopher Kane
Weird metallic camo thing, anyone? I don't like camo, so I could be biased. I like the structure of the dress and the buckle placement.

MORE. CAMO. I like this...dress? It's a dress. I like the pleats, and for some reason this reminds me of a raincoat, but I like it.

I liked the shoes in both pictures. Everything else was fur and camo and buckles, and that's too much for my four eyes at this time. My eyesight is pretty much equal to that of a grandmother's.

                                                                 Chloe Sevigny for O.C.

This was one of my favorite collections because it was obviously inspired by the '60s, but not in the generalized way that everyone else is doing it in (i.e. Edie Sedgwick in almost EVERYTHING??? Too much of a good thing is bad, guys.) This was amazing because it showed all the different sides of the decade instead of focusing on the main trend . There are outfits that can fit underneath work, play, just hanging out, and anything in between. The ones above (which hold a SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART right next to the Dolce & Gabbana duo) remind me of being a kid and playing around (left) and going out to dance (right).

Is anyone else getting serious Suzy Bishop vibes from the outfit on the right? I think it's the colors and the bag and the socks.

So much CONTRASTING in each picture. The outfit on the left is really nice and reminds me of a mash-up of Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby and Courtney Love c. 1990s.



These were the ones that stood out to me the most, and since I've had this post saved for a few days now, I don't think that there are anymore designer lines that stood out to me as much as these (if there are, I'll make another post). Fear not! I have saved Meadham Kirchoff for next time, because it deserves its own post. Seriously, you guys, this is the most perfect thing in my life since Grimes.

Well, homework awaits me. So does Nashville.



  1. This was an awesome post. I love that plaid Moschino dress, and Chloe of course <3

  2. I think I agree with you, I'm really not feeling any of the Versace, though I will say I actually do like those boots haha. That Moschino dress IS great, and love love the like Catholic church/15th century Italian art-inspired D&G looks (the camo, though? not so much XD) aaand for whatever reason i kind of can't stand chloe s. XD paha so i had heard about her collab with Opening Ceremony, but I kind of avoided it cos it was her, BUT you know what, it looks really good and she has nice legs so i should just stop being such a hater :D