Sunday, March 31, 2013

sometimes i think sitting on trains

Isn't M.I.A just the absolute kewlest? (I feel like I'm going to regret the use of that last word,  but STILL.)

She has an amazing, eclectic style that is entirely unique and reflected in her music. My favorite songs by her are "Paper Planes" and "XXXO." Her real name is Mathangi "Maya" Aprulpragasam, and her stage name (M.I.A.) is a play on the word Maya.

(Commence topic change.) I want summer to come already. Looking at great clothes (like the ones above) makes me happy until I look down and I'm in some stupid snowsuit or whatever. I'm done wishing for spring because spring = school and frankly, I'm beginning to hate that, too. 

I actually had a pretty fun spring break. I got together with some of my friends on Monday to celebrate one of my best friends' birthday, and it was great. We went gallivanting all over Park Slope and eventually ended up in Prospect Park, which we spent hours in. There were swans and a Bat Cave (made by one of my friends, which is this cave thing that had a tunnel that you and one other person can hide in-it goes pretty deep into the Earth) and walking next to creeks and climbing over fences in a desperate attempt not to fall (that last part about falling was mostly me).  

                   LOSER ROSETTE, black

(Source of this incredible rosette that I am lusting after) 

Hope you guys are having a great spring break!



  1. That sounds fun! Yeah, I'm getting sick of winter too.

  2. i just read an awesome interview with M.I.A in the L'Officiel. Sadly for you, it was the dutch one ;)

  3. Graet post. I love paper planes! xx