Monday, September 24, 2012

ouija baby (fall vibes pt. 2)

So Halloween is nearing, since it's officially autumn. My school sadly can't be normal and let us dress up on Halloween. Instead, we 8th grader folks have a day called Senior Dress Up day where we dress up in pre-approved costumes. And it's not on Halloween. Which honestly makes no sense to me, but oh well. I have a lot of feelings built up inside for Halloween, though. I'm usually not really that excited about it, but this year I'm actually putting thought into my costume, something is has been unknown to me since third grade (which is the first year that I went trick-or-treating. I find this sad.)

Picture day in Heavenly Creatures and The Virgin Suicides

This is the dress that I found on Etsy and I'm freaking out over how amazing it is. I've been looking for a The Virgin Suicides/Picnic At Hanging Rock dress for a long time, and now I finally found one that can double as a Halloween costume. I was thinking of dressing up for Halloween/Senior Dress-Up Day as a witch that is very Virgin Suicides-y and carries around Ouija boards and wears flower crowns and is in a cult. Hopefully someone else besides me thinks that this is a good idea because I tried explaining this to some friends and they didn't get it. Of course, my "Ouija board" has to be a printed-out picture from the Internet because if I bought an actual Ouija board, I'd be too freaked out to use it because someone I know had a freakish experience with one, and I don't think I know anyone else who'd use it with me (because to be honest, right now I don't think I'm quite ready to use it by myself). Plus, most Ouija boards on eBay are from people who have messages that say "ER MER GERD I NEED TO GET THIS OUT OF MY HOUSE IT'S SO FREAKING SCARY but I would like you to buy it. Please. Buy it now." So that's not exactly reassuring. Also, a quick note, I just found out that Senior Dress-Up Day is on Halloween so yay go misinformation. 

Siouxsie & the Banshees are just incredibly powerful. Their music just feels like it's flowing through my veins when I listen to it and I can't help but get up and attempt to dance for a few seconds, then end up just sitting down and swaying back and forth with a lot of head bobbing. I listened to "Halloween" over and over again when I was a-thinking about fall vibes and Halloween and how to fill a costume with as much angst as I can. 

Still from an Alfred Hitchcock film. It would be fantastic to embody the suspense in his movies in a costume, or even an outfit. 

I need to watch The Craft. I saw the trailer and it has the vibes that are currently in my head right now. 


wednesdaypilgrim.jpg (427×476)

I found this one when I was Googling something and decided to save it. I feel like it really fits in with the autumn-y, creepy vibes. It's really interesting. I've always wondered where this was.  

This song has a lot to do with wolves and autumn and dark vibes. It's by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs (a rad band from the '60s) and it's called "Little Red Riding Hood". 

Stay weird, kids. Be Wednesday Addams.