Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the bouffant staircase

The magical Bouffant Staircase

Bouffants call to my soooooouuuuul. They are very amazeballs (I promise, that is the last time that I'm saying that on this blog). I, however, currently lack the skills needed to produce such an amazing look. Maybe I can just throw my hair up in the air and hope that it forms some type of a bouffant. 

So, at first school wasn't that great, but now it's pretty good, now that I'm back to civilization and got used to my schedule. Sorry for not blogging lately, I've been busy and I have three projects due this week, but I'm working on a fall vibes post! Which is very long to make up for all of the blogging that I miss and there will be more than one fall vibes post so that I can fit all of my feeeeels in .


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