Sunday, October 7, 2012

and we'll all have black roses in our hair

Ever since that last mini-epiphany/random burst of inspiration on my day off from school,  I felt sort of blah. But guess what? I'm a Rookie staff writer now! -BURSTS OF OF EXCITEMENT- I'm one of the weekly diarists, and you can see my first entry here. That made me feel more inspired, because the Rookie tumblr has a ton of great pictures, and thinking of articles to write helps me have more good vibes. In fact, tumblr in general has a  lot of rad pictures. This has been my recent inspiration:


this is a super important quiz u should definitely take if you’ve ever suspected that you might be an evil reptilian alien shapeshifter

Dang. I was so sure I was human, then I took this quiz. 



The Twin Peaks theme song fits in with a lot of what I'm feeling right now. I keep humming it as a result of it being stuck in my head from listening to it so much. 

So does this song.  It's originally from Twisted Nerve, which I really want to see. 


I'm feeling a little more inspired than when I started writing this post (which was yesterday, because for some reason I can rarely write a post in one day), but not as much as I'd like to be. I feel sort of...empty. Does anyone else ever feel that way? It's weird, because even though I see things that I like (for example, the picture below) and make things (I'm making a flower crown right now), I don't feel any excitement about it. Everything seems blah. (I just realized that this is the second time that I said that.)

For some reason, I like decrepit/abandoned houses. This is one that I saw on my way from ballet lessons. 

"Want to listen to Morrissey? He's cool. And he's pissy, and he hates everyone and everything."
-Violet from American Horror Story


  1. Congrats on your Rookie diary :) It's amazing :)
    Loev reading your posts! :)
    Elyse xo

  2. love reading your diary! Cool compilation :)