Thursday, October 11, 2012

what is this thing I call my MIND?

I guess I felt sort of...minimalist? I thought that if I added anything then the outfit would be ruined. 

This is a huge, creepy tree that I saw on the way from ballet class. I want to build a treehouse in it and live there forever. 

My mom's shoes are way cool. 

This is one of my favorite songs EVER. It's so intriguing and makes me think of so many things. I would try to embody it in an outfit but I might have too many things going on. I should still try! I guess the title reminded me of this outfit. 

Okay, so this video/song has nothing to do with my outfit or that day, but Lana Del Rey IS SO AMAZING and just one of my favorite people ever. This is my favorite song from her and despite all the people who criticize her, I find her to be intriguing and an all-around supercalifragilisticexpialidocious person.  


Top-Material Girl Skirt-Maison Martin Margiela Sandals-Ann Demeulemeester


  1. Oh you do ballet! I do ballet but sometimes I feel it goes against my belief as a feminist and all. What's your perspective on it?

    1. To me, ballet definitely doesn't go against feminism! Even though a lot of people consider it to be uber-feminine, doing it is more along the lines of embracing your femininity rather than giving up your beliefs.

  2. That tree is amazing and you're super pretty (:

  3. Thats cool that you do ballet! I dont do ballet but I do jazz dance because I am a klutz and I would hurt everyone in the room if I did ballet. Great post!

  4. I really like this look! I do ballet too.

    <3 Melissa