Monday, October 29, 2012

lonely teen refuge

I'm your lonely teen refuge/Hidden beneath hopes/For strange magic and notes
You wish and you want/You drown in nostalgia/I have no help for you/For you, or for me
The moon is so bright/Let us go and ask him/To teach us both/How to love
I'm your lonely teen refuge/The one in the sky/The one you can't/Wait for to die
No one can keep us apart/No one but/Both of us/No one can kill this spark

Of nonsensical reality/You wished for the stars and the moon/I gave them both to you
Our diaries are full of/Of nonsense and fools' gold and/Tidbits of love
That will never exist/Among you and the world/Because I'm always there
Holding you back by your hair/You'll never see the light/Of reality 

I'm your lonely teen refuge/The one you see/The one you don't/Want to be 
Helter skelter/In our minds/Let us break/From this world/And twirl and twirl and twirl and twirl
Until we both lose our minds
Lonely teen refuge/Helter skelter/Lonely teen refuge/In our minds/Lonely teen refuge/Apologize 

Let's go twirl and twirl until we sometimes move/And then we'll twirl and twirl and twirl and twirl
Until we lose our minds 

This is basically the draft of a song that I wrote while waiting for my internet connection to come back on. The post was originally going to be about something grunge-y and angsty and full of teenage blues, but this came out and I was glad for the change. I guess it's a different kind of teenage angst, which makes it better. It's meant to be a light, airy song that still is a bit weighed down. It's hard to explain, but it's meant to be something like thisI really like the rhythm of it.It's sort of slow/average at first and then at the end it speeds up.

Basically, it's about the lonely teen refuge that exists in all of us. Sometimes we want it to disappear and stop weighing us down, but it can end up controlling some of us, which may not be so bad. The vibes are basically how I feel right now which is just a mix of so many great things. 

  I'm actually thankful for Hurricane Sandy now. Staying inside for a few days will help me catch up on my writing and DIYs, but mostly writing. I know this sounds so lame and corny and like one of those motivational posters, but I feel really in touch with myself right now. Because of this song, my day got even better. I'm up watching reruns of Castle, which is undeniably one of the best shows ever, and working on playlists for Rookie. Everything just feels so beautiful right now. (I may sound like a stoner right now but I swear, this all makes sense.) Also, the amazing vibes that I have were added to by my discovery and new obsession of Witching Hour 


  1. I guess you have to sing it for me, yes? :)

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog, 'cause it led me to YOUR blog, and it's pretty much the coolest thing I've discovered today.

  3. Even though your song is only a draft, it sounds beautiful! I miss my teenage years. :\ It was a mix of bad and good times...mostly good. ^^''

    The Krystel Book